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What are the banner specifications for artwork?

Artwork Specifications and File Tips

  • Uploaded files must be under 100 MB. 
  • No bleeds are necessary.
  • Set up your artwork proportionate to the exact banner size you are ordering.
  • Keep all text and important images at least 2 inches away from the edge to prevent the hems or grommets from protruding through.
  • Convert all text to outlines.

Files that print best are .eps or .ai (in version CS5 or lower) converted to outline. We can also print high resolution .pdf, .tif, and .jpg formats. Typically 300 dpi or higher is suitable for banners.

We print in four color C, M, Y, K or six color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM. Please keep this in mind when submitting files for printing as color tone shifting may happen if file is submitted in R, G, B format. If there is a specific PMS color you need, please specify that to us when submitting your order so we can help you verify that the proper color mix is used (vector artwork only).

Customer supplied files are printed as they are received so we cannot guarantee color, clarity or final output as we are just printing the supplied files and have not set them up for printing.

All of our printers are calibrated daily to ICC coloring profile standards to ensure accurate color production.

last updated - Friday 15 January, 2016

Is there a difference in the quality of vinyl you use?

Yes, there are many types of vinyl out there. We mostly use a Gerber 3m Product which is a 7 year high performance vinyl. The only reason we would not use a high performance vinyl is by request of the customer.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

Can I use window cleaner to put my sticker on glass?

I do not recommend glass cleaner as it leaves a residue. I use soapy water with alcohol in it for installation.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

Can you use water when applying a sticker?

Yes, I spray the sticky part of the sticker with the soapy water and alcohol, this way you can move the sticker around to see exactly where you want before you squeegee it onto the surface.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

Does the boat number come in individual letters or as one piece?

The whole sticker will have a mask over it for easy installation.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

Can you do multi colors on the vinyl sticker?

Yes, I print a Gerber foil that can be faded, outlined or even a drop shadow to make this very attractive.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

How can I remove my old logo from my truck?

If it is a sticker there is a couple of ways for removal. If it hasn’t been on to long you can take a heat gun to warm the sticker and peel it off. If there is any residue left take some mineral spirits to wipe the rest of the glue off. There is also a vinyl removal wheel that hooks up to a drill to peel them off. Sold at most hardware stores that is very reasonable in price.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

How long do I have to wait after I install my boat numbers to go in the lake?

You can go boating immediately. I do suggest letting the numbers sit in the sun for 10 minutes to adhere to the surface if using the water method.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015

What are the benefits of creating an account?

You can take part in the various enhanced services we have to offer.

Some of these services include:

  • Permanent Cart - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.
  • Re-Orders - Having an account will make it easy to review your past purchases and quickly prepare reorders when you need them.
  • Address Book - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.
  • Order History - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.
  • Products Reviews - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.
  • Product Notifications - Get notified of updates and price changes for specific products.

last updated - Thursday 05 November, 2015



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